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Introducing FX-360, the latest FLXSO creation. This insole is specially designed to help our customers to overcome foot pain developed from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, high arches, flat feet, and more. We understand how difficult it is to perform day-to-day tasks, being active, getting work done or even taking that first step when you wake up in the morning if we suffer from any type of foot pain.

This insole solves all of these problems by providing the proper shock-absorbing technology, enhanced stabilization to the whole foot, and extra cushioning at the bottom of the foot for everyday activities support.

✔Ultra Shock-Absorb Technology: We want to take away as much pressure as possible off your feet from your day-to-day activities. The number one cause of foot pain is from pressure and inflammation involving any of the bones, ligaments or tendons. So having our shock-absorbing technology in place will help protect your feet from all these.

✔FLXSO 360° Enhance Stabilizer: The last thing we want is to have our feet shifting left and right or front and back in our shoes all the time. This will create misalignment when we walk or go on with our day to day task. Keeping our feet stable will help minimize potential damage to our bodies such as pain, joint pain, and lower back pain. We believe that proper alignment is the key.

✔Smart Arch Support Design: FX-360 provides you with true arch support on top of the insole to create a natural arch for people who have flat feet and provide support to those with high arches. This helps ensure your feet are always in its proper shape with the proper support.

✔Highest-Grade Material: We don’t cheap out when developing this insole. We make sure this will be the best insole you'll ever find on the market. The material we used are carefully selected, tested and quality controlled to provide maximum durability and endurance.

What Some of Our Customers Say About FX-360

Sam Lane

I have been suffering from PF for over 2 years. This is by far the best insole I have ever bought. 3 weeks in and still in shape. Love it!

Harper Smith

I've been trying these insoles for the past month or so, and I can honestly say they have given me more support than other brands I have tried. I work as a receptionist part-time, and standing while wearing work shoes isn't the most ideal. My go to shoes are flat shoes, which don't have any support whatsoever, so when I found FLEXO online and saw how it looks, I had to buy and see for myself. 

Lily Hunt

What I really liked about using FLEXO is that you can really feel the heel and arch support! These soles feel sturdy and at the same time, bouncy? I don't know how to describe it, but if you are looking for a pair of soles with good support, then I recommend you try them. 

Maria L.

The quality is top notch. I have been wearing this for almost 2 months now. And it is not falling apart like others. I have heel spurs and this is giving me the relief I want! Thanks!

Avleen Kinney

Just got my second pair for my weekend shoes. The insole is providing great support and I finally feel like I am walking straight!

Dillon Kent

It is by far the best insoles I have ever purchased. Very well made and I can't walk without it. Thanks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this for?
  • This is specially designed for people who are having foot pain from plantar fasciitis, heels spurs, high arches, flat feet. It is also great for people who are looking for extra support for their feet. We rated this the best and most comfortable insole on the market.

  • Why it doesn't come true to size and need trimming?
  • This is because each feet is constructed and shaped differently. Each shoes also designed differently from one another. Therefore, we think it is best for our customers to trim it so it fits perfectly in their shoes

  • I don’t have foot pain, can I still use it?
  • Yes of course! The insole is designed for anyone who are looking for extra support and comfortability. The insole will also benefit you because it will act as an extra protection, and correct your posture.

  • I don’t see my size, what can I do?
  • We are so sorry about that! We are still developing more and more products. And our team is working day and night to provide the best products to the market. Simply drop us an email and you will be notify when something new is up!

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Your satisfactory is our #1 priority. All purchases are backed by our 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee. We will take it back if you don’t like it. It’s that simple.

Premium Quality

Paying extra attention to detail is what we do. Only the industry's highest grade materials are being used on our insoles.

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