Your Foot Health May Be The Reason Other Parts Of Your Body Is Hurting

Your Foot Health May Be The Reason Other Parts Of Your Body Is Hurting

Just like any other structures, our body has a foundation that gives us the support and stability we need.  As for the human body, this foundation happens to be our feet. If our feet is doing alright, we can go on our daily life activities such as to go to work, buy some groceries, walk or run in the park and whatever it is that you do in you life. However, whenever we feel pain or discomfort on our feet, knees or legs, we are not able to do any of our daily tasks accordingly.

Our feet is made up of 28 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments and all of these works together to provide us the support, balance and mobility we need (1). Our body tends to create a chain of reaction. Whenever one part of is not doing well, other body parts will follow.

This chain reaction normally happens to our feet, legs, hips, knees and even our backs. Whenever we hurt our feet from standing or walking after a long period of time, our hips and backs starts to hurt as well. The reason why this is happening is because whenever we injure something in our body, like maybe our ankles, the muscles and joints surrounding it will start compensating for the work that the other muscle is supposed to be doing. Overtime, they become overworked and this now leads to us have poor mobility, we may lose our balance or even have bad posture which then starts to affect our hips and back. Did you see how something so little can cause a huge mess when not solved immediately?

This is such a common problem for people who moves a lot for their work, for athletes, for students, for elderlies with sensitive joints and muscles and lot more type of people regardless of their gender and age. Foot care should be widely promoted to avoid worse and bigger problems in the future.

Aside from having the right diet and doing exercises. Here are some of the ways we can start taking good care of our foot health:

  1. See an Orthopaedic for check up
  2. Wear supportive & appropriate shoes
  3. Get rid of shoes that hurt you
  4. Wear insoles & paddings
  5. Take foot supplements
  6. Avoid tight fitting socks



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