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Our First Breakthrough To End Foot Discomfort

This revolutionary insole is specially designed for people who suffers from all kinds of foot pain. Especially from pain coming from Plantar fasciitis, heels spur, flat feet, high arches, etc. It is made to provide an everyday pain relief to improve your quality of life.

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Meet: FX-360

Our First Breakthrough To End Foot Discomfort

Packed with the latest & most innovative technology, FLXSO FX-360 provides all-day support and comfort to patients with plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heels spur, and other general foot pain.

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What They Like About Us

This is a really high quality product. The shipping was fast, the packaging was nice, and the customer service was very helpful. Definitely recommend!

Emma Berlin

Truly wonderful company and product. I love the insole that I bought. It is unique and it is very comfortable for me. Will definitely buy more. Highly recommended!

Christina Ledford

Flxso is the best company to buy from. The product quality is incredible and honestly so is their customer service. Highly recommend! I have plantar fasciitis now I can get through my days easier. Thank you Flxso!!

Jane Tan

Very interesting technology that does the work amazingly well. Can't live without it. 

Thomas Penn